ndt level 3 training

NDT Level 3 Training

The Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Level 3 training courses offered by Applied Technical Services were created using ASNT CP-105 as a model. These courses are designed to provide students, and ultimately their employers, with the necessary guidelines and documentation to appropriately qualify and certify their NDT technician workforce.

NDT Level 3 training is chiefly beneficial in terms of creating a written practice for adapting the ASNT Recommended Practice SNT-TC-1A, and to meet the unique challenges and requirements that particular businesses encounter. Some of the important topics covered in this document will include:

NDT Training

Throughout the course of their education, students will become better equipped to create the types of techniques and procedures necessary for accurate Non-Destructive Testing in a given environment. They will gain an advanced knowledge of codes, standards, and specifications; and will also deepen their understanding of materials, fabrication methods, and product technology.

Level 3 NDT technicians have a host of unique job opportunities waiting for them after certification. Some become consultants, while others become the owners of their own testing and inspection laboratories. Many find gainful employment in supervision, administration, or even management positions.

Applied Technical Services

ATS’ primary goal involves helping experienced technicians receive their NDT Level 3 certificate which is, and will remain, as one of the most widely respected and accepted certificates of its type worldwide. Not only does NDT Level 3 training allows people to further their own technical abilities; but it also allows them to responsibly train, qualify, and certify Level I and Level II technicians within a business or other organization.

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