NDT Technician Training

ndt technician training

Applied Technical Services can advise those who may be interested in obtaining their NDT technician certification. If you are wondering about the requirements and courses needed to assist you in achieving this certification, ATS can provide you with the classes, locations, and dates.

Our courses include training for both traditional and advanced NDT methods. Our instructors are certified and have years of experience in various industries ranging from aviation, manufacturing, commercial infrastructure, and military. Our interactive classes are designed to keep you motivated and engaged. Our curriculum covers the principles of a specific method and theories behind its effectiveness. You will get a hands-on experience working with equipment, and be tested on the knowledge you retain. In addition, our classes are offered in our technically advanced labs at any of our select locations and our instructors often travel to customer facilities to perform onsite training.

Our NDT Classes Include:
  • Aircraft Wheel Inspection
  • Eddy Current Level I & II
  • Film Interpretation
  • Infrared Level I
  • Introduction to NDT
  • IRRSP Refresher
  • Level III Refresher
  • Liquid Penetrant Level I & II
  • Magnetic Particle Level I & II
  • Radiation Safety
  • Radiography Level I & II
  • Ultrasonic Testing Level I & II
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Testing
  • Visual Testing Level I & II
  • ...And More!
We train to the following standards:
  • NAS410
  • SNT-TC-1A
  • CP-189
  • ATA Spec 105

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