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NDE Training

ATS is a consulting engineering company with extensive NDE training programs, testing services, and inspection capabilities. Since our founding in 1967, ATS has developed a prominent standing with education, business, manufacturing and insurance industries, and the legal community for effectively discovering facts in nondestructive examination testing, consulting engineering, metallurgy and materials testing, mechanical testing, chemical analysis, forensic and fire investigations, and calibration services.

ATS’ NDE Training classes are created to appeal to professional men and women who perceive that their NDE technical education, skill, achievement and certifications can contribute to the comprehensive success of the NDT industry. ATS’ NDE Training offers an all-inclusive and beneficial array of course programs that are competitively priced and accommodating. Our programs promote interactive learning environments which exceed industry standards and conclusively develop students to become leaders in one or all of the nondestructive examination testing methods. NDE training is provided year-round in all complementary industries with multiple courses or programs occurring weekly.

Onsite Training

ATS’ NDE training courses are conveniently available for learning and demonstration at your facility. A course at a client’s facility is a cost effective way for a hands-on approach that is able to accommodate to their specific and full-scale needs.

NDT Methods:
Level III Consulting
Our ASNT certified Level III technicians have multiple years of knowledge and job experience across many industries. ATS is capable of composing a plan within our client’s basic needs and requirements including handling a complete NDE program and personnel team. Whether it is a short or long term undertaking, our clients determine our involvement from small to large scale projects to utilizing all of ATS’ expanded services and capabilities.
NDT Consulting Services:

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