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RT Certification

Applied Technical Services is a leading NDT company that offers NDT training including radiography testing certification (RT certification) for many industries including aerospace, automotive, construction, consumer products, energy, transportation, manufacturing, military, nuclear, power generation, pulp and paper, and telecommunications. With the United States infrastructure aging and safety regulations increasing in most industries, nondestructive testing has ample long-term career growth opportunities for those who are technically inclined and committed to quality assurance.

NDT Radiography Testing

Industrial radiography is a nondestructive method that is used to examine components and structures using x-rays or gamma rays in order detect internal discontinuities and flaws or to confirm structural integrity.

Certification Standards

ATS offers certification courses to multiple standards including SNT-TC-1A and NAS 410.

SNT-TC-1A – This is American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) recommended practice that provides guidelines to companies establishing an in-house certification program. This standard is updated on an annual basis.

NAS 410 – This is the National Aerospace Standard that provides personnel qualification and certification guidance for companies that have been contracted by the military and other government entities to provide NDT services.

Course Descriptions

Level I – 40 Hours – Level I is a comprehensive course in the principles and theory of radiography, which includes radiation safety, operation of radiographic equipment, as well as film and film processing

Level II – 40 Hours – Level II is an advanced course in radiographic techniques, radiation safety requirements, and film interpretation principles. Technique development and operation in accordance with codes and standards is stressed.

Film Interpretation – 40 Hours – A specialized course designed to develop skills in evaluating radiographs.

Radiation Safety – 40 Hours – Radiation safety is an intensive course covering safety requirements for a radiographer certification.

Hands-On Classes, with Experienced Instructors

Our interactive classes offer hands on training in multiple locations throughout the US. Onsite training is also available for companies who want to bring ATS’ premier technical training to their facility. Our Level III instructors have years of experience in many industries and offer  practical insights on real world scenarios.

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