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NDT Xray Training

Applied Technical Services offers NDT Xray training and certification to certify candidates in nondestructive radiation testing services.
Nondestructive Xray Testing and Analysis
Xray testing, commonly referred to as radiography testing, has a range of uses spanning several different industries. Radiography allows certified technicians to identify flaws in materials, components, and structures through the use of radiation imaging. These factures, cracks, and other discontinuities are often undetectable without the use of Xray testing, making it a crucial tool for verifying the structural integrity of a subject. NDT Xray training teaches candidates how to perform inspections on subjects such as:
NDT Training Instructors and Locations
ATS’ NDT training and certification programs are instructed by Level III nondestructive testing experts with decades of experience both instructing NDT training candidates and working in the field. Applied Technical Services is proud to be the preferred NDT training provider for some of the nation’s most reputable organizations and companies, applying years of expertise to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction. ATS features several NDT training locations, including Greenville, SC, Jacksonville, FL, and Marietta, GA. Our Marietta location is an ASNT-approved Authorized Exam Center, allowing aspiring NDT technicians to receive training and complete their final certification exam in the same location. Some of our most popular NDT training courses include:
Testing Standards and Specifications
ATS provides testing, analysis, and certification services in compliance with standards established by the following organizations and authorities:
ATS: Testing, Inspections, Certification, and Compliance
Applied Technical Services specializes in several types of services, including but not limited to:
Applied Technical Services
As one of the region’s most well-established testing, analysis, inspection, compliance, and certification providers, ATS has the resources, expertise, and reputation to help ensure the success of your business. We prioritize client satisfaction, service quality, and timeliness, striving to maximize the value of our services through the use of innovative technologies and practices to reduce costs while meeting the needs of our customers working in a wide range of industries. Our NDT instructors work diligently to help training candidates achieve certifications through classroom learning and hands-on experience. Get in touch with the NDT Xray training experts at the ATS Family of Companies today by giving us a call at 1 (888) 287-5227 or click here to submit a request form.

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