SNC TC 1A Training and Certification

Applied Technical Services offers SNT TC 1A training and certification services. The American Society for Nondestructive Testing offers standards and recommended practices for NDT personnel.

What is SNT TC 1A?

SNT TC 1A is a standard that establishes guidelines for NDT personnel. Companies adopt the guidelines to develop their criteria using the preexisting standard determined by SNT TC 1A. The standard recommends that employers develop in-house programs to properly train NDT personnel on the specific task and needs of the company. 

The Importance of SNT TC 1A Training and Certification

SNT TC 1A certification is essential to a career in nondestructive testing as most companies require certification. Although certification is not required, candidates with SNT TC 1A certification have a significant advantage over  applicants without certification. 

SNT TC 1A Certification Levels

Level 1:

Personnel can perform examinations, calibrations, and evaluations with specific written instructions.

Level 2:

Personnel can produce written instructions, provide training, report inspection results, and set up equipment.

Level 3:

Personnel establish techniques, develop test methods and techniques, interpret codes, and train and observe lower-level personnel. Personnel at this level should have an advanced understanding of the curriculum and can administer and score exams of lower personnel.

About Applied Technical Services

Applied Technical Services has provided quality engineering consulting, inspection, testing, and training services since our founding in 1967. Our certification and training courses facilitate and foster a friendly learning environment where development is the highest priority. Our highly trained instructors establish engaging classroom settings where current and aspiring NDT personnel receive training on the latest industry standards. The American Society for Nondestructive Testing recognizes our Marietta, Georgia, location as an Authorized Exam Center. NDT training and certification registrants have the unique opportunity to train and test at the same facility. Call +1 (888) 287-5227 today and ask about our SNT TC 1A training and certification services!

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