ATS: A Fall Protection Company

ATS is an industry leader among fall protection companies. At Applied Technical Services, we understand just how important safety is to not only you and your business, but to your work at heights employees and contractors. This is why we've dutifully positioned ourselves as leaders in fall protection, offering both the technical knowledge and the first-hand experience required to perform all OSHA and ANSI-mandated inspections, guaranteeing peak performance and maximum safety from your fall protection systems at all times.

Our ATS representatives, many of whom hold multiple certifications including Licensed Professional Engineers, are capable of performing and documenting all inspections to help guarantee that all appropriate safety standards have been tested and accounted for.

fall prevention systems

Roof Anchor Systems

  • Through-Bolt Roof Anchors
  • Chemical Adhesive Roof Anchors
  • Embedded Roof Anchors
  • Bolt-Around Beam Roof Anchors
  • Weld Roof Anchors and More
roof anchor systems

Roof Anchor Designs and Installations

  • A Comprehensive Site Inspection
  • A Detailed Structural Review
  • Roof Safety Analysis and Discussion
  • Safety System Conception Layout
  • Engineered Design
bridge inspections

Roof Davit Systems - Design & Installations

  • Permanent Access
  • Limited Set-up and Rigging
  • Quick Repositioning
  • Custom Designs for Unique Challenges
industrial rope access

Roof Davit Inspections, Testing, & Certifications

  • Prevent Accidents
  • Protect Personnel
  • Protect Hired Contractors
  • Protect Investment
structural engineering

Roof Tie Off Systems

  • Most Economical Solution
  • Practical Solution
  • Effective and Safe Solution
  • OSHA, ANSI, ASME and IWCA compliant
bridge inspections

Tie Back Anchors Design

  • Custom Tie Back System Designs
  • Refurbish Your Existing Systems
  • Turnkey Systems
  • Systems Compliant with OSHA, ASME, And IWCA
industrial rope access

Tie Back Inspections, Testing and Certifications

  • Startup Or Commissioning Inspections
  • 30-Day Inspections
  • Annual Inspections
  • Refurbishment Inspections
structural engineering

Suspended Access Certification

  • OSHA Certifications
  • ANSI Certifications
  • NYSCOL Certifications
  • IWCA, ASME, and CAL OSHA Certs
bridge inspections

OSHA Certification

structural engineering

Suspended Access Inspections

  • Fall Protection Inspectors
  • Professional Engineers (P.E.)
  • Inspect Davits and Monorail-based Systems
  • Inspect Anchors, Tie Backs, and Guardrails
bridge inspections

Suspended Access Overview

industrial rope access

Suspended Access Services

  • One Of The Most Trusted Names In Industry
  • Fall Protection Designs
  • Fall Protection System Installation
  • Fall Protection System Inspections
structural engineering

Fall Protection Qualifications