Lifeline Run Along Edge of Roof with Low Parapet Wall
Importance of Fall Protection Measures
Applied Technical Services helps owners and managers of commercial real estate buildings and industrial facilities by employing horizontal lifeline fall protection systems to ensure the safety of elevated access workers. Workers performing repair and maintenance duties in fall risk areas account for the majority of workplace fall injuries and deaths in the United States. Because of the danger involved, intense regulations and industry standards set requirements for fall protection systems to prevent these accidents from happening. Facility owners and managers reach out to experienced consulting engineering providers like ATS to help them ensure their fall protection system’s safety and regulatory compliance.
Types of Horizontal Lifeline Fall Protection Systems

Horizontal lifelines, a component of a larger fall protection system, keep elevated access workers safe by tethering them to a cable line secured to a stable structure using anchor points. These anchors are permanent installations and can be configured in a variety of ways based on the surface they allow workers to access. The following represent the most common:

Each of the above types may come with improved safety features such as a hands-free design, which removes the need to detach themselves from the line to move past the anchor points. Although the above list represents some of the most common configurations and uses, clients will find that ATS’ commercial services team has experience with a variety of others as well.
ATS' Relevant Services
Our consulting engineering division provides a range of services to help clients with their horizontal lifeline systems. We offer solutions to assist customers through every phase of implementing and maintaining an effective and compliant fall protection system, including the following:
Design and Installation
Testing and Certification
Inspection and Recertification
Maintenance and Repair
About Applied Technical Services
Since our founding in 1967, Applied Technical Services has offered consulting engineering expertise to clients in need. The past five decades have allowed us to grow our company’s catalog of services to include testing, inspections, training, calibrations, and forensic investigations. While ATS may have begun as a trio of engineers serving local clients from their office in the founder’s basement, we now employ over 1,000 specialists from a variety of fields to aid businesses operating in countries around the world. Our fall protection services in general (and those related to horizontal lifeline systems specifically) primarily benefit clients in the commercial real estate and construction industries.
Our Commitment to Quality
ATS maintains a set of protocols to provide clients the best possible experience working with our company and thus a reason to choose us again in the future. Our commercial services group returns detailed, accurate, timely reporting to enable our clients to make informed decisions concerning their fall protection systems. We employ a team of customer service ambassadors who receive client outreach and facilitate a connection with the most applicable staff member. PEs remain accessible and responsive to clients contacting them with questions, ensuring they feel their needs are heard as they actively work to solve our customer’s problem.
If your facility needs commercial services related to a horizontal lifeline system, or any other fall protection project, reach out to ATS today regarding a free quote — We take a closer look!

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