tie back anchors design
The fall protection division at ATS serves the most recognizable names in commercial real estate. At Applied Technical Services, LLC, we understand that no two commercial buildings are created equally. Unique environments represent unique challenges, which is why we apply several different factors when it comes to designing tie back anchor systems for both new and existing structures. Our roof anchor installation process begins with an incredibly thorough investigation of your building where we consider factors like layout for proper placement meeting, exceeding applicable codes and standards.

This deeper level of preparation allows us to not only maximize the most practical tie back achnors design for your roof fall protection system, but also enables us to let your building maintenance crews perform their high-risk duties in the safest possible situation at all times.

ATS offers a number of different design options and plans for you to choose from that allow us to better address the unique objectives of your business:

Turnkey Systems and Installations
Turnkey Design and Installation allows us to provide you a comprehensive, end-to-end solution where we handle everything including consultation, engineering, design, and installation for your systems
Engineering and Architectural Services

Engineering and Architectural Services allow us to handle all aspects of the design process, giving us a chance to provide you with all of the drawings, documentation and technical considerations you need to either refurbish your existing systems or build a brand new one.

Exceeding Fall Protection Needs
The fall protection services offered by ATS do not begin and end with tie back anchor design and installations. We also offer routine testing and inspection services including both annual visual inspections and detailed five year inspections. Additionally, we also provide load testing of building maintenance equipment.

Our team of highly trained Professional Engineers (P.E.) reference a wide range of industry standards during all inspections and related services, including but not limited to:

Above all else, Applied Technical Services’ goal is to provide your organization with the engineering services and the compliance considerations you need to minimize risks, decrease costs and increase productivity at the same time. To find out more information about our tie back anchors design and related services, please contact Applied Technical Services today.

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