davit systems inspections

Davit Systems Inspections

Since our company’s founding over 50 years ago, Applied Technical Services has been a leader in the consulting engineering and testing fields delivering a blend of professional credentials, skills and exceptional customer service for our clients. At ATS we specialize in davit systems for numerous commercial building real estate properties throughout the United States, providing extensive testing, inspection, engineering and design capabilities for our clients. Our licensed Professional Engineers (P.E.) are comprehensively experienced in davit systems and thoroughly knowledgeable with OSHA, ANSI, ASME and IWCA standards offering our clients turn-key design and build project expertise. ATS’ ability to inspect, install or test davits in a cost effective and productive manner places our company as a forerunner in the industry.

Davits are primarily used with platforms for exterior façade maintenance as a rigging system for suspended scaffolding such as window washing, waterproofing, and metal finishing. ATS implements advanced engineering and technology to achieve compliant designs and installations with minimal tenant disruption. Our capabilities include proficiency in new or existing construction or structures with the advantage of extensive experience, an excellent track record and knowledgeable experts.

As with any engineering project, ATS conforms to meeting and/or exceeding applicable codes and regulations. Our preparation takes into account that every building project possesses unique challenges. Experience enables ATS to administer a plan of action to install or inspect davit systems effectively and efficiently with a focus on quality, safety, cost and efficiency.

As an added benefit for our customers, ATS provides expert project management to complete the work in a professional, proactive and timely manner communicating step by step progress to our clients so they can focus on their operational tasks. Our aim is to deliver safe and quality solutions and workmanship of installed, tested or inspected davits in compliance with safety codes and standards exceeding our competitors’ abilities from start to completion.

IWCA I-14.1, ASME A120.1 & OSHA 1910.66 Compliance

We provide engineering services for compliance so that you can be confident that you are minimizing risk. Our engineers are experienced, hands-on field professionals who you can count on.

Three Reasons why every owner should have compliant equipment:

In addition, knowledgeable ATS personnel can help building owners understand compliance requirements.

Davit Systems Inspections Expertise:

Professional Engineers (P.E.)

Do you have a Certification and Inspection program in place to certify compliance and periodically inspect and evaluate your davit systems? How qualified are the personnel who are inspecting your equipment?

Whether it is anchors, davit systems, monorails, platforms or roof cars, ATS provides turn-key Certification and Inspection programs customized to fit your building’s unique requirements.

Personnel Qualifications

Our personnel are industry experts. We hold certifications not limited to: AWS Certified Welding Inspectors C.W.I., Registered Professional Engineers P.E., ASNT Certified technicians in multiple NDE methods. Our engineers are graduates in Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, and Materials Engineering disciplines.

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