Roof anchor installation

Roof Anchor Inspections

At Applied Technical Services, all roof anchor inspections are reviewed by Licensed Professional Engineers, many of whom hold multiple accreditations and certifications. We’re more than capable of handling any and all needs you may have, particularly those mandated by standards like OSHA and ANSI.

OSHA 1910.27 and IWCA 1-14.1-2001 Window Washing Standard require that a building owner have roof anchor inspections and certifications performed on an annual basis. At ATS, all of our roof anchor inspection services are designed with compliance in mind for the following standards:

Service Details

At Applied Technical Services, our comprehensive list of roof anchor services include design, inspection, installation and testing of roof anchors to help you create the safest possible working environment at all times. Just a few of our roof anchor inspection services, for example, include but are not limited to the following:

In addition, knowledgeable ATS personnel can help building owners understand compliance requirements.

Roof Anchor Installations Expertise:

The ATS team is capable of inspecting the following types of roof anchor systems:

At ATS, our primary goal above all else is to provide superior structural integrity of our installed, tested and inspected roof anchor systems. We want to provide you with efficient and cost effective services, to provide peace of mind so you can focus on  other tasks to allow your business to thrive. To find out more information about our roof anchor inspections and related services, please contact Applied Technical Services today.

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