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At Applied Technical Services, our team of highly trained engineers and technicians (many of whom hold multiple certifications) are committed to providing the highest quality OSHA fall protection certification services to our customers.

We take workplace safety incredibly seriously, which is why we offer both certification services designed to help you maintain OSHA compliance, as well as educational services to help keep you up-to-date on all current safety regulations and standards regarding fall protection.

OSHA and Fall Protection

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) takes workplace safety very seriously – particularly in naturally dangerous environments like the commercial real estate industry and façade access. OSHA understands that falls are rarely the result of something as simple as “user error” – they are often unfortunate but deeply complicated events that involve factors both in your control and beyond it.

OSHA doesn’t just require that fall protection systems be in place for given situations – there are also specific rules governing how those systems must be used. For example, workers must always be trained on the selection, use and maintenance of these systems. Likewise, they must be supervised while the systems are in use, and safe work procedures must be employed at all times.

Fall Protection Certification Services

ATS’ fall protection services are designed to address many of the most commonly referenced OSHA safety standard requirements for working environments just like yours. These include:

Maintaining OSHA safety regulations and standards can be time consuming, but it is not a road that you have to travel alone. If your organization is looking for fall protection certification services to help you maintain OSHA compliance, please contact Applied Technical Services today.

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