osha tie off requirements

OSHA Tie Off Requirements

Applied Technical Services is incredibly proud to be an industry leader in all OSHA tie off inspections and related services. As with most governing bodies, OSHA has some very specific requirements regarding how, where and when tie off systems and other safety measures must be used to help create a safe working environment for work at heights employees and contractors at all times. Workers must also be trained in the selection and use of tie off systems and these measures must be documented to help your organization maintain compliance moving forward.

Regulatory authorities also require that anchors be inspected annually, by not only a qualified person but with the inspection date, the inspector’s name, his or her signature and any other relevant comments be recorded in the building facade maintenance equipment log book.

OSHA also requires that any re-certification services to be performed under the direct supervision of a registered professional engineer.

At Applied Technical Services, we offer a wide range of inspection services to help all of your building maintenance systems and facade access systems while staying compliant with OSHA and all other applicable standards. These include but are not limited to:

If your business is looking for more information about OSHA tie off requirements, or if you’d like to find a trusted partner that will help you both maintain compliance and create a safer working environment for your employees at the exact same time, please don’t delay – contact Applied Technical Services today.

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