Fall Arrest System Inspection

Fall arrest system on a rooftop

Fall Arrest System Inspection Services

Applied Technical Services offers fall arrest system inspection services for commercial real estate and industrial facility structures. We conduct inspections according to OSHA regulations and ANSI standards, depending on our clients’ needs. Our Professional Engineers are licensed and qualified to oversee fall protection system projects. We aim to create the safest possible working environment for our clients while helping them maintain regulation and standard compliance.
Conducting Equipment Inspections
ATS offers inspections for a wide range of fall arrest equipment, including vertical lifelines, horizontal lifelines, anchorages, and other components. We conduct our services according to numerous industry standards, including OSHA 1910.140. We can also perform inspections according to Cal OSHA and NYSDOL standards for our clients in California and New York, respectively. We use several inspection methods to verify equipment, including:
Our Fall Protection Capabilities
Our experienced personnel can provide more than fall arrest system inspections; we assist clients with system design, installation, testing, inspection, maintenance, and certification for a wide variety of equipment. From roof anchors to davit systems, we assist clients with all their fall protection needs. Our experts can make recommendations for repairs and other action items based on their findings.
ATS: A High-Quality Service Provider
Applied Technical Services is a multidisciplinary consulting engineering firm that helps clients from a wide variety of industries. Our fall protection specialists aid clients around the globe with maintaining safety and standard compliance while working at heights. Clients may contact our experts directly to determine how we can assist them with their specific needs. We deliver clear, accurate reports as quickly as possible, and our experts can answer any additional questions clients may have.
If you need fall arrest system inspection services, contact ATS today. We take a closer look!

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