ultrasonic weld testing

Ultrasonic Weld Testing

Applied Technical Services offers ultrasonic weld testing to detect surface and subsurface defects or flaws in welds.  Ultrasonic testing (UT) uses high-frequency sound energy to conduct inspections and take measurements. Our technicians procedurally compare defects and flaws against standards and historical data to determine whether the integrity of a weld is strong enough to remain in service or needs replacement.

Each industry and every individual company require its own set of inspection needs, equipment capabilities, and regulatory standards. Industries that commonly utilize ultrasonic weld testing are oil and gas, power generation, transportation, manufacturing, and infrastructure.  Typical assets for weld inspection include pipelines, tanks, pressure vessels, and structures.

Our NDT technicians perform ultrasonic weld testing based on the type, size, complexity, and environmental conditions of the subject weld.  This method is accommodating in that test samples do not have to be cut or sectioned, and because technicians only require one sided access.  Results are repeatable and reliable, and definitively safer and less disruptive than radiography (RT).  Ultrasonic testing can be used on both ferrous and nonferrous materials.  UT can detect, measure, and determine the exact position of a wide variety of discontinuities, including cracks, voids, inclusions, disbonds, and similar defects that affect structural integrity.

Ultrasonic weld testing requires a high level of operator training, experience, and application of testing procedures: qualifications that our NDT technicians maintain and execute.  Since UT is a portable method, services can be performed in various working conditions on irregular and substantial parts, structures and/or components. Our technicians deploy to client sites anywhere throughout the United States or around the globe.

Since 1967, ATS has provided distinguished inspection, testing, and consulting engineering services.  Our clients rely on ATS’ NDT technicians for thorough, detailed, and rapid inspection analysis with the most cost-effective solutions to meet their company’s needs.

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