Guided Wave Testing

ATS' Guided Wave Testing (GWT) Services

Applied Technical Services, Inc. (ATS) provides guided wave testing as a productive and efficient method for effective pipeline surveying by applying low-frequency ultrasonic waves originating from a single test location. Axial or circumferential cracks and corrosion loss in above ground storage tanks, insulated and buried pipes can be identified in addition to their estimated location and size using this technique.

As a time-saving measure in reducing cost, guided wave testing allows ultrasonic inspection and evaluation of large sections of pipeline which may include insulated pipes that can remain unaltered while staying in service without the need to remove contents from the lines as a beneficial result. In addition, stress cracks can be identified in above ground storage tank steel plates for multipliable use.

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM):

ATS can implement structural health monitoring (SMH) for fixed installation for continual and long-interval data-collection and detection monitoring in wide-ranging areas.

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