The Significance of Dielectric Constant
Applied Technical Services performs dielectric constant ASTM D150 testing to help ensure that their capacitors store energy as efficiently as possible. Dielectrics are a class of electrical insulators that, instead of impeding current, maintains a charge after being exposed to a current. Electronics manufacturers value dielectric materials for their ability to store large electrical charges as compared to their size — this characteristic makes them perfect production materials for the insulator inside capacitors.
Relative permittivity, also referred to as dielectric constant, indicates how easily a material polarizes, which indicates its capacitance. Quantifying this value allows manufacturers to determine whether their sample material is appropriate for its intended use, as insufficiently permittive materials can cause product failure or even user injury. Manufacturers lean on electrical testing labs like ATS to perform test methods like ASTM D150 to measure their sample’s dielectric constant.
ASTM D150 and Other Electrical Testing Capabilities
Our technicians perform this method by first measuring the sample insulator’s permittivity. They accomplish this by exposing it to a current running through two metal plates sandwiching it in place and measuring the resulting charge using a multimeter. The ratio of this measure against the permittivity of a vacuum gives the material’s dielectric constant. Of course we regularly perform this method to ASTM D150, but we have experience with the IEC 60250 standard as well. Beyond dielectric constant, we can also find the following electrical characteristics of client samples, including:
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Capacitors need to store charges appropriate to their product’s intended service conditions — get the information you need to take your product to market or understand a component failure. We offer free quotes, so contact us today with your dielectric constant testing needs. ATS takes a closer look!

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