Davit Suspension Systems
Davit Systems Recertification
At Applied Technical Services, our licensed Professional Engineers are thoroughly experienced in davit systems recertification. ATS services the davit systems for a great many commercial real estate properties throughout the country. ATS experts are comprehensively versed in ASME, ANSI, IWCA, and OSHA standards and provide our clients with reliable inspection, design, engineering, and testing services. ATS’ ability to inspect, test, and install davits in a cost-effective manner is one of the many qualities that make our company a frontrunner in the industry.
A davit is a structural fixture that serves as a primary anchor support for platforms suspended on buildings’ and industrial structures’ exterior. OSHA Section 1910.66 requires that managers and owners of buildings, both new and existing, must receive OSHA certification after installing a davit system and must undergo davit systems recertification at a minimum of every ten years per ASME and IWCA. ATS utilizes advanced engineering and innovative technology to ensure compliance with industry standards, causing minimal disruption and downtime for our clients.
Applied Technical Services’ expertise also extends to buildings and structures with unique or complicated characteristics. Our Professional Engineers utilize their comprehensive knowledge when designing or administering a plan for client fall arrest systems. These experts meet the davit systems recertification needs of our clients effectively and efficiently, without losing focus on safety or quality, while also keeping costs as low as possible.
Industry Compliance
We provide engineering services to ensure that our clients remain compliant with industry standards such as:
Staying compliant with these standards minimizes risk and helps our clients to ensure the safety of their personnel and investments. At ATS, our knowledgeable experts will help building owners understand the complexities of industry compliance requirements while working with them to achieve full compliance for their property.
Davit Systems Recertification Inspections
ATS understands the importance of davit systems recertification, and so we provide our clients with the following:
Our Professional Engineers at ATS
The Professional Engineers at Applied Technical Services are certified, accredited, and fully licensed experts prepared to provide our clients with thorough davit systems inspections and testing. We hold certifications including but not limited to:
ATS provides custom-tailored, turnkey Certification and Inspection programs for davit systems, anchors, platforms, monorails, roof cars, and everything in-between.
Applied Technical Services
Applied Technical Services has been a leader in consulting engineering and field testing for over two decades, providing our clients with a perfect combination of knowledge, skills, and unparalleled customer service. Our davit systems recertification experts are committed to achieving the highest level of client satisfaction by ensuring that your structure is safe and fully compliant with industry standards.

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