The Importance of an Effective Fall Protection Program
Applied Technical Services helps clients design, implement, and maintain a comprehensive fall protection program. Installed on buildings to make working from heights safe, fall protection systems prevent workplace injuries and fatalities that result from falling off elevated work environments. Workers are attached to a series of anchor points and cables by their harness through a lanyard. The configuration of these systems often incorporates aspects of two different categories of fall protection:
A fall protection system may be installed in a variety of places beyond commercial buildings such as bridges, railyards, container ports, industrial plants, and any other elevated work environment that may require a fall protection program to protect workers from danger as specified by OSHA and ANSI/ASSE. ATS provides a range of services to help clients comply with these safety regulations.
Our Services and How They Can Help
Our commercial services division assists clients through every stage of implementing and maintaining an effective fall protection program. Our group of licensed Professional Engineers (PEs) designs fall protection systems for new constructions and can retrofit a fall protection system for those that do not already have one. They carefully consider the needs of the workspace and identify the right configuration of elements. Our expert technicians and consultants install fall protection components to standard specifications, testing to verify that newly installed systems support the load intended before one of our PEs certifies them as safe for use.
As safety regulations and building codes require periodic reexamination and recertification, ATS helps clients maintain compliance by setting a regular inspection schedule to assess the continued health and performance of these fall protection systems. Finally, our PEs report any indications of wear or other damage in their findings — recommending appropriate maintenance and repair steps to ensure clients’ fall protection system(s) continue to protect at-heights workers.
About ATS
Applied Technical Services has served clients from the commercial real estate and industrial sectors with our consulting engineering capabilities since our founding in 1967. The five decades since have allowed our company to grow immensely; from humble beginnings as three engineers working alongside local businesses from their shared office in our founder’s basement, ATS now makes up a multidisciplinary services provider that employs over 1,000 specialists from a wide variety of fields to answer the needs of clients from around the world.
Quality Management
We maintain several customer service protocols to ensure our clients enjoy the best possible experience working with us — thus giving them a reason to seek our services again in the future. Those policies include:
Every elevated work environment requires a fall protection solution to minimize risk to site owners, property managers, and vendors using the fall protection system(s). If your company needs the services of fall protection experts, contact ATS today to receive a free quote — We take a closer look!

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