Coating Adhesion Testing

Applied Technical Services offers coating adhesion testing to clients looking to determine the adhesive value of their coatings. Our services adhere to the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) international standards. We provide multiple options for coating adhesion testing, including the following test methods:

Cross-Cut Test

Testing experts cut a lattice pattern into the coating, down to the substrate. The adhesive tape is placed over the pattern and removed to test the resistance quality of the coating.  

Knife Test

Technicians cut the coating in an “X” shape, then lift it from the substrate. 

Scrape Test

A rounded stylus is loaded onto a balance-beam tester, and the load is increased until the stylus separates the coating from the substrate.  

Pull-off Test

Inspectors attach a dolly to the test material, and force is applied to the coating at a perpendicular angle, removing the adhesive layers. 

ATS performs each coating adhesive testing method at the appropriate temperature to account for materials that expand or contract when reacting to heat. 

ATS Testing Services

Our experts are qualified and have the necessary resources to conduct coating adhesion testing. We have provided materials testing services for 55 years and have the necessary credentials to provide clients with excellent service. Contact ATS today for our testing services! 

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