Paint Thickness Measurements

Applied Technical Services conducts paint thickness measurements in our state-of-the-art metallurgy lab. We cater our tests to the scope and needs of our clients’ projects, and our lab professionals have decades of experience in various scientific and mechanical disciplines.

What is Paint Thickness, and Why is it Important?

Protective paint coatings improve a material’s resistance to corrosion, cosmetic qualities, and overall resistance to everyday environmental factors such as water and sunlight. These paint finishes are essential to the quality control of products and are often application-specific as some coatings are a better fit for some applications than others.

Paint thickness measurements help ensure that the material receives the appropriate amount of coating. Coatings that are too thick are often uneven and suffer from premature cracking, whereas thin layers may lack the desired degree of protection. Failure to inspect a material’s coating may increase costs via customer returns, recalls, and slowed production. Correctly done paint coatings have several advantages, including:

Magnetic Pull-off Paint Thickness Gauges

Magnetic Pull-off paint thickness gauges use magnets to measure the force required to separate the magnetic gauge from the ferrous metal. Thinner coatings have a stronger magnetic attraction than thicker coatings. This method has several advantages, including:

Ultrasonic Paint Thickness Gauge

Ultrasonic paint thickness gauges use ultrasonic technology to measure a material’s thickness. Advantages include:

Applied Technical Services' Metallurgy Lab

Applied Technical Services’ accredited metallurgy lab provides failure analysis, material identification, and coating thickness measurement services to clients in various industries, including:

We conduct our paint thickness measurements using the following guidelines and standards.

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