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The Necessity of Furniture Testing Labs

As part of the services offered by our consumer product testing division, Applied Technical Services performs furniture testing in our advanced labs. Strategically testing furniture products is the only way to gain full confidence in their safety, performance, and quality over time. When designing furniture, factors taken into consideration by manufacturers include the chemicals used in manufacturing, resistance to environmental abuse, and mechanical safety hazards.

ATS Consumer Product Testing — Furniture Testing Capabilities
Many chemicals used in the manufacturing of furniture, such as flame retardants and water-repellant treatments, can be harmful to human health. Those and similar toxins are thus subject to regulations such as California Proposition 65 and SB 1019. ATS partners with furniture manufacturers/importers to ensure compliance with these and other regulatory requirements (such as retailer requirements). ATS chemical analysis capabilities for furniture and consumer products includes (but is not limited to):

Furniture components, especially those used outdoors, can be subjected to a range of environmental conditions that can drastically reduce their service life. Even indoor furniture can be exposed to UV radiation through windows. ATS’ labs are fully equipped to test furniture’s resistance to humidity, UV exposure from sunlight, flammability, and other environmental stresses in our specialized and climatic test chambers. Environmental testing allows companies to take the guesswork out of manufacturing robust products.

Furniture manufacturers can have ATS mechanically test their products to determine their stability, structural integrity, injury hazard, and other characteristics. For instance, large furniture pieces are often tested for tip-over tendency so as to avoid posing a serious safety risk to children. Our mechanical testing lab offers numerous tests that can accommodate a range of furniture types and sizes.

ATS Quality Assurance
Companies searching for a reputable testing and inspection service provider need look no further — Applied Technical Services has been assisting clients in a wide variety of industries for several decades. To continue providing excellent service quality, ATS performs services according to proven scientific and engineering principles and is a CPSC accredited full-service testing lab. As a member of the American Home Furnishings Alliance, we know the value of safety in furniture design. In addition to furniture, we also perform testing for a host of other consumer products.

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