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The Evident Need for Testing Personal Protective Equipment
Applied Technical Services performs several disciplines of PPE testing to ensure these products are safe for end users and standard-compliant. Certain jobsites and working conditions feature innate hazards. Construction sites, for instance, often see tools falling from heights that could severely injure anyone below. Hospitals, on the other hand, can see wide varieties of bacteria and viruses pass through their halls, each capable of spreading and causing illness. While each of these settings answers their individual workplace hazards differently — industry-specific safety standards mandating the use of hard hats and surgical gloves, respectively — the similarity between these responses is that they both require PPE for their employees.
Personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as PPE, represents a category of products designed to keep people safe in the work environment. Whether hats, gloves, masks, goggles, or suits, PPE can only protect if it reliably performs as required in its intended usage conditions. The broad range of hazards, and the PPE designed to guard against them, means that most testing providers cannot offer an extensive enough portfolio to answer all the needs associated with testing a product. ATS does not suffer from that limitation. Our vast array of testing capabilities and depth of expertise make ATS an obvious choice for manufacturers who need to validate their PPE for production.
PPE Testing Capabilities
We offer a wide range of testing capabilities to ensure clients’ PPE products meet requirements. The variety of ways we can help in this application includes:
*Bolded text indicates test standard for which we are ISO 17025 accredited
Besides the capabilities listed above, ATS can also perform full dimensional analysis, reverse engineering, and failure analysis services to help clients ensure their PPE meets design specifications and quality assurance requirements.
About ATS
Applied Technical Services delivers testing, inspection, and consulting engineering capabilities to clients operating around the world. Since our founding in 1967, we have enjoyed good fortune and immense growth. The intervening five decades have seen us expand from a team of three engineers into a multidisciplinary firm employing over 1,000 specialists in a variety of fields. Our PPE testing services primarily benefit manufacturers, helping them achieve compliance and quality management goals. Ensuring the quality of PPE through rigorous testing benefits a variety of industries, however, including the following:
Our Commitment to Quality
We perform all PPE testing services according to our ISO 9001-registered quality management system. ATS initially achieved this certification in 1998 by undergoing a stringent auditing process conducted by ISO-approved inspectors. They determined that our business procedures comply with the internationally recognized standard for quality management practices. Our Marietta Lab has maintained certified status without interruption by periodically renewing registration by submitting to subsequent audits. We participate in this exacting process because it helps us become better; abiding by these principles helped us build a foundation from which we have continually improved the quality and scope of our services.
ATS upholds several policies to promote a positive customer experience when working with our labs, including the following:
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