PFAS Chemicals Testing Lab

Applied Technical Services’ PFAS chemicals testing lab provides PFAS testing approved by various state, federal, and international agencies. Our testing services help manufacturers ensure that their products comply with the evolving standards and regulations regarding PFAS and similar chemicals.

What is PFAS?

Per-and-polyfluoroalkyl substances are a group of artificial chemicals commonly used in water, heat, oil, and stain-resistant products. PFAS are comprised of carbon and fluorine biodegrade, which is worrisome to experts for several reasons.

The Dangers of PFAS

PFAS have become so abundant that traces of the chemicals exist in water, soil, air, and the blood and urine of animals and humans. The prevalence of PFAS has raised concerns amongst environmentalists and scientists, who actively study how these chemicals affect animals, humans, and our ecosystem.Scientific studies suggest that PFAS may accumulate in the human body and negatively impact human health once the exposure exceeds a specific threshold. Excessive exposure to PFAS can cause the following.

Experts are actively studying the effects of PFAS, as much of their impact on the human body remains a mystery. However, manufacturers are beginning to seek safer alternatives to PFAS as experts publish new information about the harmful chemicals.

PFAS in Everyday Products

PFAS may be present in the following products.

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