OSHA Regulations for Davit Systems

Davit systems support platforms over the edge of building façades so workers can safely perform essential maintenance, repair, and cleaning operations. Safety is a top priority when working at heights, which is why Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) upholds several regulations for davit system design, construction, maintenance, and use. OSHA davit system requirements include certification, testing, and inspection intervals.
Davit systems need certification before use, as well as recertification every ten years. Davit systems with chemically bonded, adhesive, or epoxy anchorages require recertification every five years. All davit systems must undergo annual visual inspections. Applied Technical Services performs inspections to help clients meet regulated standards. Compliance with these OSHA standards prevents accidents, protects investments in equipment, and keeps personnel safe.
Davit System Experts
Applied Technical Services specializes in davit systems, providing inspection, testing, engineering, and design services for clients throughout the US. Our licensed professional engineers have extensive knowledge and experience with inspection, installation, and nondestructive davit testing. We can inspect core system components, such as the following:
We offer engineering services and turnkey designs that comply with OSHA, ASME, IWCA, and ANSI standards. We can verify whether client equipment complies with applicable standards and deliver a report containing any testing data. Our expertise allows us to work cost-effectively while prioritizing quality and safety.
Count on ATS for Fall Protection
ATS is a forerunner in testing, inspection, and consulting engineering services. When it comes to fall protection, you can count on ATS. Our professional engineers hold many certifications and qualifications and are knowledgeable in several fall protection systems, such as roof anchors, davit systems, monorails, and scaffolding, among others. Our locations across the US allow us to serve domestic and international clients. We aim to provide the highest quality inspections at low costs. Our customer service policies allow us to provide a superior client experience. Our professional engineers report clear, detailed, accurate data as quickly as possible, which allows clients to make prompt, informed decisions. Our customer service team puts clients in contact with relevant staff members who can help with their inquiries. Our experts can answer any questions quickly and accurately and are available to answer any additional inquiries.
If you need testing, inspection, or engineering services to meet OSHA davit system requirements, contact Applied Technical Services today.

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