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Parking Deck Evaluations

ATS conducts parking deck evaluations to ensure that our clients’ structures are safe and remain in good condition. Maintaining safety in parking structures requires quick responses to emergency damage alongside comprehensive predictive maintenance practices. We help protect our clients’ tenants by performing everything from simple visual inspections to complex forensic investigations. Our professionals can provide conceptual repair plans, capital reserve analyses, and prioritized lists of repairs, depending on the client’s particular needs. ATS engineers can help protect and sustain the aesthetics and structural integrity of our customers’ parking structures.

Repair Design Services
We work with clients to determine a scope of work that fulfills the unique needs of their parking structures. Our structural engineers have the level of expertise required to handle design of complex repairs, including foundation distress, damaged structural members, component fatigue, or barrier cable replacement. We can tailor project specifications and repair plans to individual structures to maximize efficiency and effectiveness for every project.
Waterproofing Specifications

ATS assists clients with protecting their parking structures from destructive forces, including water damage. Our experts evaluate the parking structure and establish a scope of work for developing a water-resistant envelope that preserves vulnerable structural components. We assess expansion joints, joint repairs, and concrete sealer, providing specifications to address the needs of each. Protecting the parking deck from water intrusion extends the structure’s service life and offers a safe, comfortable space for the occupants.

Construction Services
Our parking deck services extend far beyond repair documents. We can provide construction administration services, assisting clients throughout the full extent of their repair or restoration process. Our bid-administration services help clients to evaluate potential contractors. We can also perform periodic inspections both during and after construction, ensuring that clients’ expectations are met.

ATS also provides engineering services for barrier cables, as well as their supporting posts. Barrier cables often become damaged or fail over time. We can perform designs and inspections for barrier cable systems, ensuring that they continue to function properly.

Reliable Consulting Engineering Services

ATS has provided consulting engineering services to industrial, institutional, and commercial facilities for decades. Our team of licensed professional engineers and industry professionals brings extensive knowledge and experience to the services we offer. We combine skill and outstanding customer service to provide the most effective and comprehensive services possible.

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