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Crane Hook Inspection

Applied Technical Services offers nondestructive crane hook inspection services for clients in a broad range of sectors. Our Nondestructive Testing department can detect unseen cracks or other hidden defects within crane hook equipment and verify whether they are in compliance with applicable codes and standards.

Crane hooks, also called hoist hooks, are used to lift heavy loads. Due to the intense forces generated by frequent heavy lifting cycles, crane hooks can be susceptible to fatigue failure. Fatigue failure can be caused by any one or a combination of factors where cracks initiate and propagate as a result of overload, high cycle count, manufacturing or installation flaws, extreme temperatures, and chemically active environments. Most failures begin as a crack in the hook shank and can occur without warning.
Routine crane hook inspections performed according to standards such as ASME B30.10 can reveal fatigue-related flaws that call for more thorough nondestructive testing (NDT). As a company with advanced NDT capabilities and extensive experience, we offer magnetic particle testing, liquid penetrant testing, and other nondestructive test methods to locate defects in crane hooks that are not normally discovered during routine inspections. To completely inspect all critical components (hook shank, bearing, and nut), we disassemble crane hooks for testing. Each inspection includes a detailed test report.

Common Contributing Factors to Crane Hook Fatigue Failure:

Your Trusted Provider for NDT Crane Hook Inspections
Since its beginnings in 1967, Applied Technical Services has grown to become a leading testing and inspection service provider. Our commitment to service quality, short turnaround times, and helpful client support are just a few reasons why ATS is recognized both nationally and internationally. Additionally, each one of our services is delivered in compliance with our ISO 9001 certified quality program.
A thorough nondestructive crane hook inspection can ensure that you maintain safe operation and minimize the risk of downtime. For more details about this service, contact ATS today – We take a closer look!

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