rov tank inspections

In Service Tank Inspections

Applied Technical Services offers in service tank inspections for those who have tanks that cannot be out of commission for any length of time, or for those who are wanting to take a more efficient and cost effective approach. In efforts to help our clients stay in compliance with API 653 Above Ground Storage Tanks or NFPA 25 Fire Water Tank Standards, ATS employs certified visual inspectors who are experts in performing underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) inspections. Electing to choose in-service ROV tank evaluations allows you to eliminate the need for divers and avoid risks associated with that dangerous procedure as an overall safety precaution.

In Service Tank Inspections Personnel

ATS tank inspectors are experts in many industries. They are familiar with a wide variety of industry standards and stay current on technology and trends. They may hold multiple certifications that include but are not limited to:

We Serve the Following Industries:
Quality Assurance & Safety at ATS

ATS’ Quality Assurance Program reflects our commitment to quality by providing accurate testing, detailed reporting and timely turn-arounds. Each employee is aware of, committed to, and actively involved in the quality improvement process. Furthermore, our employees are routinely monitored and evaluated on their implementation of safety practices. ATS has an in-depth safety training program that all technicians must complete before providing services.  In addition to a variety of industries, ATS is called upon by multiple Federal, State, and Municipalities for its expertise in tank inspections.

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