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ASTM D8142 Testing – VOC

ASTM D8142 Testing – VOC is testing in accordance with the Standard Test for Determining Chemical Emissions from Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Insulation using Micro-Scale Environmental Test Chambers, a standard frequently used to analyze for volatile chemical compound emissions in SPF.  Applied Technical Services provides ASTM D8142 testing with the capability to confirm sampling time to 24 hours (for some compounds such as TCPP).  This testing process identifies volatile organic compounds that emit from SPF products.  Depending on your emission testing needs ATS can analyze samples either pre- or post-application. Analytical data collected from SPF emissions testing can assist in product development, manufacturing quality control, and real-world comparisons.

ATS performs our ASTM D8142 testing services using the microchamber and Thermal Desorption (TD) unit coupled with our gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC/MS) instrumentation to identify and quantify the amount of VOCs present in SPF materials. Reporting specifically identifies the compounds detected during the sampling.

Testing Capabilities

ATS retains an ISO 17025 chemical scope of accreditation.  Additional VOC methods ATS can perform:

EPA Method 24
GC/MS VOC Testing
VOC Emissions Testing
Sampling in Accordance with ASTM D8142 Testing – VOC

The ATS micro-chamber/thermal extractor is used to sample VOCs and semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) emitted from SPF.  This sensitive instrument has four small cylindrical chambers that allow for rapid sampling, making TD-GC/MS the most relevant choice for measuring chemical emissions from a wide variety of product and material samples.  Using TD and GC/MS in tandem like this has become a preferable option for various industries to verify regulatory compliance, as it offers quick and inexpensive screening for compounds of interest.

ATS Chemical Analysis Services

Since 1967, ATS has provided testing and inspection services across a spectrum of industries and institutions.  ATS’ team of trained professionals provides clients with the most detailed, current, and accurate analysis and information to make responsive decisions.  Many of our chemical analysis experts hold multiple certifications, and continuously work with our customers to provide the highest level of service to meet both government and industry standards.  Contact ATS for your ASTM D8142 testing needs today.

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