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PV 3341

Applied Technical Services offers PV 3341 standard testing to evaluate the content of VOC emissions from non-metallic automotive materials. Vehicle interiors are often built with thermoplastics and elastomers that can release chemical compounds called VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). These gaseous compounds negatively affect air quality and can be harmful to human health when present in high concentrations.

Volkswagen’s PV 3341 test method involves the process of Headspace GC analysis using an FID detector to quantify the VOCs released from interior materials in micrograms of carbon per gram of sample. This value can be used to determine whether said materials pass OEM regulations. During this method, a sample material is heated in a Headspace incubator at 120 degrees Celsius to vaporize the VOCs present in the material. Once the substances are released, they can be analyzed through the process of gas chromatography. Volatile compounds can be identified using headspace gas chromatography with mass spectroscopy separately if needed.

Testing Capability

ATS’ skilled automotive testing personnel perform all PV method 3341 procedures with specialized, up-to-date equipment in our ISO 17025 accredited (A2LA) chemistry lab to attain clear and precise results. Our lab personnel follow the relevant standards set for the wide range of VOC tests that we offer.

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