Volatile Organic Compound Testing

TP-0000912 V1 TESTING – VOC

Applied Technical Services can provide many volatile organic compound (VOC) testing methods, including TP-0000912 V1 Testing – VOC. This test method is performed in our micro-chamber. Our instrumentation accommodates samples that are 6.4cm in diameter or 10g in mass (depending on the relevant specification). Each sample will need to be conditioned for 7 days prior, and the typical turn-around time is 5-7 days after conditioning.
The Analytes of Interest in this Method Include:
VOC Testing at Applied Technical Services
ATS provides a variety of VOC testing capabilities suited to provide clients with information on the presence, amount, and identity of VOCs in each test material. VOCs are compounds that can be emitted from either solids or liquids at or slightly above room temperature. Various products that surround us every day, including vehicles and household items, can emit VOCs. Certain volatile organic compounds can be dangerous to our environment and human health if released above government-established limits.
Testing Capabilities
Applied Technical Services has skilled chemical analysis personnel, who are able to perform various VOC testing methods. Our VOC testing group routinely uses specialized equipment and deliver clear and precise results. ATS maintains an ISO 17025 chemical scope of accreditation (Cert #1888.02).
Micro-Chamber and Dynamic Chamber Test Methods:


Dynamic Chamber

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