VDA 270 BMW Odor Test

Automotive Testing experts at Applied Technical Services can perform the VDA 270 Odor Test on BMW automobile interior components to evaluate the characteristics of the compounds to determine if any undesirable scent is produced under specific climatic environments.
ATS' VDA 270 BMW Odor Test

The VDA 270 BMW Odor Test is conducted as follows:

  • Test vessel is placed inside testing chamber and subjected to specific temperature for determined duration
  • Sample material is assigned a variant based on their location in the vehicle, and placed inside odor-neutral, sealed test vessel
  • Variants 1 and 2: 50ml of deionized water added to test vessel, immediate evaluation upon removal from chamber
  • Variant 3: no water added to test vessel, cooled to a temperature of (60 ± 5) °C prior to evaluation
  • After evaluation by three testers, the vessel is stored again at a temperature of (80 ± 2) °C prior to evaluation by other testers
  • Assessor smells and evaluates the intensity of the odor
  • An evaluation using a 6-grade scale ranging from not perceptible to not acceptable is submitted
Testing Capabilities

Our automotive testing labs at ATS are ISO 17025 accredited, with our experienced staff performing automotive testing in accordance with a dozen manufacturer-defined standards. Our experts conduct several different automotive industry related services, with offerings such as:

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