VDA 278

VDA 278

With the recent acquisition of a state-of-the-art Thermal Desorption unit, Applied Technical Services has expanded its ability to provide chemical analysis such as VDA 278 standard testing for VOCs to our clients.

VDA 278 is an internationally accepted, standardized test procedure for non-metallic materials. It is used for testing emissions or high, medium, and low volatility compounds. VDA 278 measures the presence of volatile compounds found within the test material: these readings are represented by VOC total for the high and medium volatility compounds, and FOG total for the low volatility compounds. Results also yield a break-down of each individual compound present as well as its respective mass.
ATS is ISO 17025 (A2LA) accredited to test in accordance with VDA 278. Even though the test method does allow for some significant variability, we pride ourselves on upholding stringent procedures and maintaining dependable reproducibility. We are happy to guide our customers through the strict requirements set forth in the standard for submitting samples — our greatest interest is in fulfilling your testing obligations quickly and effectively.
Although VDA 278 is most commonly used to test emissions for the automotive industry, it is a widely accepted standard for VOC testing among other industries. ATS employs an array of other Thermal Desorption methods of VOC analysis — including those based off of VDA 278, like GM 15634 — as applicable. Our team of chemists are highly experienced with various VOC test methods, and can be relied upon to provide you with the most applicable test relevant to your situation and product. ATS will deliver the information you need to keep your products EPA-compliant.
Our VOC Analysis Equipment

Our new Markes International TD unit features a 100-place autosampler, capable of quick turnarounds on large quantities of test samples. This equipment features a direct column connection with the unit (as opposed to an injection point with septa). Markes took details like this into consideration when building a more accurate system that cuts down on the errors and variability typically accepted as being inherent to this testing method.

ATS and VOC Testing

For 50 years, ATS has provided world-class consulting, engineering, testing, and inspection services. ATS’ goal is to offer a comprehensive solution to automotive companies’ testing requirements. With the expansion of our VOC testing capabilities we are now better equipped to meet the requirements of manufacturers and OEMs. Our experience with VOC testing uniquely qualifies us to handle your VDA-related needs.

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