VOC Testing

GC/MS VOC Headspace Testing

Applied Technical Services performs GC/MS VOC testing using the static headspace method. Our chemists can use this technique to return qualitative or quantitative results, depending on the clients’ needs.
ATS experts routinely use Headspace GC/MS analyzers for characterizing volatile materials in liquid samples or solid materials. This technique can be used to identify compounds or determine how much of a single constituent, multiple constituents, or total VOC content is present. This method involves heating an appropriately sized sample at a specific temperature for a desired amount of time.

The static headspace method is particularly useful for coatings systems that cure by chemical reaction. These include powder coatings, melamine-cure automotive coatings, and various two-component coatings. If you need to determine what is off-gassing during processing and molding of a material, this technique can be applied using similar temperatures and parameters used in a manufacturing plant for more applicable data.

Some commonly performed GC/MS VOC headspace testing methods include:
ATS' GC/MS VOC Testing
ATS has provided testing, engineering consulting, and inspection services of the highest caliber for over 50 years. We serve clients from a variety of industries, located across the country. Our knowledgeable chemists perform a variety of testing methods to determine both the specific identity of each VOC in test samples, as well as their representative portion of the material’s chemical makeup.

ATS returns the accurate findings needed to keep you compliant with industry standards faster than most other labs can manage — let us handle your VOC testing needs today.

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