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PV 3942 Testing — VOC

Applied Technical Services performs PV 3942 testing VOC to help clients determine the VOC, or volatile organic compound, content in their sample. Automotive companies and their suppliers must meet internal industry standards and regulations to limit the potential for passenger exposure to VOCs. Automotive interior components have been identified as a specific concern by regulatory bodies because:
To ensure that their products meet these emission standards, OEMs and parts suppliers turn to third-party testing labs to determine the VOC content in their vehicle interior materials. ATS offers our expertise in performing chamber testing to answer these needs.
PV 3942 and Beyond — Our Chamber Testing Capabilities
ATS has the ability to analyze samples in a dynamic chamber with an interior space of 1m³, allowing our VOC specialists to test subassemblies instead of individual components. This chamber, along with our state-of-the-art GC/MS instruments, allow our skilled chemists to accurately and reliably determine the VOC content emitted from the test articles. Our chemists are proficient in performing PV 3942 testing, as well as other chamber testing methods on automotive interior, including:
We offer a wide array of other VOC testing services, should chamber testing not prove the most appropriate method — see our full capabilities here.
About ATS
Applied Technical Services has provided a wide berth of expertise across our 50+ years in business. Since our founding in 1967 as a three-man engineering group, we have expanded our services to include everything from testing to training to inspections to forensic investigations to calibrations — not to mention consulting engineering, of course. We maintain an ISO 9001 quality management certification to uphold the high standards our clients expect, as well as ISO 17025 accreditation through the A2LA to perform a variety of chemical analysis methods to popular specifications.
If your automotive company needs PV 3942 testing — or any other type of VOC analysis on automotive interiors — contact ATS today to learn more about how we can serve you. We take a closer look!

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