BMW Approved Test Lab

Applied Technical Services’ BMW-approved test lab conducts automotive testing on BMW vehicles. Our automotive testing services consist of the chemical analysis, mechanical testing, and environmental testing of automobiles and their various parts, providing insight into the vehicle’s quality and compliance with safety regulations.

Why is Automotive Testing Important?

The automotive industry is an incredibly competitive sector where manufacturers rely on affordability, durability, and innovation to keep pace with their competitors. Automotive testing allows manufacturers to thoroughly evaluate their products, ensuring that consumers receive safe, reliable, and well-performing vehicles. Failure to conduct automotive tests could lead to costly repairs, customer dissatisfaction, and poor-quality products.

Applied Technical Services’ BMW Approved Test Lab

We offer an extensive list of testing services for BMW vehicles, including:

Reference Specs Tests
AA-P 225
AA 0129
Cass Test
Condensation Water Constant Atmosphere Test
AA-P 177
Crosshatch Testing
Cyclic Corrosion Test
AA-P 187
Multi-Stone Chip Test with Salt Water Exposure
AA P 194
Resistance Testing
AA-P 193
Single Impact Testing
BMW AA-0026
Aging Resistance Testing
BMW TP 303.5
Alternating Climate Test for Trim Parts
BMW-PR 303.5c
Alternating Climate Test
BMW GS 97038
Burning Behavior
BMW GS 95003-5
Chemical Resistance
BMW GS 97045-2
Coatings on Plastic Parts
BMW AA-0213
Condensation Water Constant
BMW GS 95003-4
Environmental Testing
BMW GS 97034-2
Finger Nail Test
BMW AA-203
Hydrolysis Test
BMW GS 97034-1
Manual Abrasion Test
BMW GS 90011
Organic Coating of Parts Made of Metal
BMW GS 97045-2
Painted Plastic Parts Interior & Exterior
BMW AA-0053
Resistance to Sun Cream of Painted Surfaces
BMW GS 97028-3
Structural Adhesive
ISO 2409
Cross Cut Test
PA-P 028
Crosshatch Testing
PR 308.2
Climatic Test for Bonded Joints
PA-P 100
Determining the Reflectometer Value (Gloss)
TP 309
Vibration Test for Equipment Components
VDA 270
Odor Test
ATS' Automotive Testing Services

Our experienced technicians conduct automotive tests in various stages of the product’s life to ensure manufacturers comply with standards and regulations. Our automotive testing service capabilities include:

We conduct tests for various car manufacturers, including:

Our Commitment to Quality

Applied Technical Services offers quality consulting engineering, inspection, and testing services to various industries worldwide. Since our founding in 1967, we have prioritized quality service and continue to do so by maintaining our core values of excellent service, employee safety and excellence, professionalism, and financial strength. Our services are certified and accredited through internationally recognized standards to ensure that we uphold our status as an ISO 9001 certified quality management system and continue to provide our clients with outstanding service. Please submit a web request form or call +1 (888) 287-5227 to request a free quote for our BMW-approved test lab services. 

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