Honda SAE Standards Testing

ATS offers a complete line of Honda SAE Standard & Testing services ranging from chemical analysis to mechanical and environmental testing. 

Reference Specification Test
D2016-07 Rev.4
General Coating (on metals)
D2023-07 Rev.4
Heat –Resistant Coating (on metals)
D2028-07 Rev.3
Oil-Resistance Coating (on metals)
HES C206-99A
Flammability of Automobile Interior Parts
HES D6501-06
General Test Methods for Coatings
HES D2003-03
Electroplating (for corrosion prevention, rust prevention and decoration)
HES D2008-03
Zinc-Aluminum Composite Coating
HES D2018-99
General Coating (on resins)
HES D2021-04
Corrosion-Proof Coating (on metals)
HES D6001-04
General Test Method for Plating
HES D6003-12
Flammability Test Methods for Automobile Interior Parts
HES D6501-03
General Test Method for Coating
Chemical Conversion Coat Cure Time Study
Bag Testing
Mirror Inner Base Coating
Quality of Geomet Coating on Brake Rotor
Painting Quality of Automobile Suspension Arc Welded Parts
Coating on Iron-Zinc Alloy Coated Steel Sheet by the Hot Dip Process

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