Automotive Component Testing
Applied Technical Services offers Toyota parts testing to help suppliers maintain compliance with relevant standards and regulations. A variety of consumer safety regulations and industry quality standards determine the requirements automotive parts must meet, including the following broad categories:
Of this last group, the presence and prevalence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in automotive interiors draw specific scrutiny. VOCs are a class of chemicals that are emitted from a variety of materials. Many of these VOCs have been found to have negative effects in both human and environmental health. Automakers like Toyota and their parts suppliers know that minimizing passengers’ exposure to VOCs helps make their products safer. They trust third-party testing providers like ATS to help determine the characteristics of their components and materials.
How Our Testing Capabilities Can Help Toyota and Its Parts Suppliers
ATS offers a wide array of testing capabilities, allowing us to serve OEMs and parts suppliers at every step throughout production. Our full list of Toyota-specific testing services can be found here. Our chemical analysis lab excels in VOC testing to the following specifications, for which we maintain ISO 17025 accreditation through the A2LA:
Beyond our proficiency in detecting, identifying, and measuring VOCs, our other labs perform a wide variety of testing and analysis services that serve the automotive industry in other ways. Parts suppliers also rely on us for:
About ATS
Applied Technical Services has provided testing, inspection, and consulting engineering capabilities for the past five decades since our 1967 founding. What began as three engineers serving local businesses from a shared office in our founder’s basement gradually evolved into a multidisciplinary firm employing over one thousand chemists, inspectors, scientists, Professional Engineers, calibrators, technicians, trainers, and forensic investigators to answer the needs of clients operating in countries across the globe. While the array of testing expertise that we provide allows us to work with a great many industries, our capacity as a Toyota parts testing partner exclusively serves the automotive industry.
If your company supplies Toyota with the materials and components used in their vehicles, ATS is an experienced, comprehensive testing provider. Contact us today for a free quote — We take a closer look!

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