FMVSS 302 Testing

Applied Technical Services performs FMVSS 302 testing, a standard testing method used for analyzing the flammability characteristics of sample specimens used in automotive interiors.
A History of FMVSS 302
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is an American agency that regulates the automotive industry to keep transportation safe for consumers. To this end, the NHTSA administers the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSSs), which outline various requirements to ensure vehicles meet the standards of safety that qualify roadworthiness. These standards include:
Of this final category, FMVSS 302 is one of the most important to crash survivability. This standard not only designates acceptable flammability characteristics of materials to be used in vehicle interiors but also outlines specifications for testing these properties and interpreting their results. By comparing their findings against the desired burn characteristics, auto manufacturers and parts suppliers can ensure their interior materials are approved for use.

About Our FMVSS 302 Testing Services

To remain compliant with NHTSA regulations, the automotive industry relies on third-party materials testing labs to perform tests like FMVSS 302. Applied Technical Services is eminently qualified to conduct flammability analysis to this specification — we are, in fact, ISO 17025 (A2LA) accredited to perform this exact testing.
ATS’ Environmental Testing division performs all of our flammability testing services, including UL 94, 16 CFR 1610, EN71-2, and (of course) FMVSS 302. The method entails exposing a material sample of standard dimensions to an open flame for a period of time. Our experienced technicians ensure the integrity of our data by closely observing standard procedures and using specified equipment, maximizing repeatability and reproducibility.
ATS: A Reliable Flammability Testing Provider
Applied Technical Services has been a testing, inspections, and engineering consulting provider of unrivaled quality since our founding in 1967. During the 50+ years we have been in business, our firm has grown to serve clients from a variety of industries and who are located all around the world. Although many industries can benefit from more generalized flammability testing, all of the FMVSS specifications pertain specifically to automotive companies and products.
A Commitment to Quality
Our technicians perform all testing in accordance with our ISO 9001 accredited quality management system. This designation means that our quality assurance practices have been extensively audited by a third party and found to be consistent with the internationally recognized principles of quality management. Adhering to these precepts enables ATS to continually improve the quality of our services for the benefit of our customers.
Beyond our ISO 9001 accreditation, ATS has also continually pursued and achieved competency certifications on a variety of testing methods that we regularly perform. Our Environmental Testing division maintains a current testing scope with ISO 17025 (accredited by the A2LA) that includes FMVSS 302. By specializing in this way, ATS signals to our clients that they can expect to receive services of world-class caliber from a highly qualified testing body.
Because we have dedicated ourselves to delivering quality in every one of the services we provide, ATS ensures our clients enjoy the following:
Furthermore, when clients contact us with questions about the status or results of the testing that we provided them, customer service facilitates contact with the technician who performs the test. ATS personnel are accessible and responsive, remaining engaged while answering client questions.
If your company needs to test automotive interior materials in accordance with FMVSS 302, contact ATS today — we take a closer look!

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