Volvo SAE Standards Testing

Volvo Standards Testing

ATS offers a complete range of automotive testing services from chemical analysis to mechanical testing and environmental simulations. We use Volvo SAE standards testing procedures to characterize various physical, thermal, mechanical, and chemical properties of component parts and materials, and determine whether they are compliant with relevant standards. ATS performs the following methods to this end:

Reference Spec Test
Adhesion (Water Spraying under high pressure)
STD 1026-8177
Chemical Resistance (Surface Treatments)
STD 423-0018
Moisture Resistance in Tropical Cabinet
STD 420-0001
STD 1026-5172
Determination of Color in Color-Matching Booth
STD 1024-7132
Stone Chip Resistance
STD 5742-104
STD 423-0010
STD 423-0055
Short Term Heat Resistance
STD 429-003
STD 1027, 2714
Organic Emissions by GCMS
VCS 1027-2749
Organic Emission
VCS 2739
Formaldehyde Emission
VCS 2729
Interior Odor Emission

Testing Specs

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