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X-Ray Pipe Inspection Services

Applied Technical Services performs X-ray pipe inspection services for various industries. Our nondestructive testing experts radiographically evaluate the condition of pipes according to applicable standards while helping our clients maintain safe and effective operations. Pipes used in industrial applications should be checked for poor quality welds, compromised valves, and wall loss caused by corrosion.
Our X-Ray Strategy
X-ray, also referred to as radiography, enables NDT technicians to analyze the interior and exterior structure of pipes without having to alter or damage any components. X-ray inspections require having access to two sides of the pipe – one side to transmit radiation, and one side to record it. The detector film records the differences in absorption, showing dense parts as light areas and voids as dark areas on the resulting X-ray. Our experts accurately interpret X-ray images and provide a detailed inspection report to conclude their findings.
At ATS, safety is a top priority. We follow all radiation safety guidelines and make sure to designate a restricted clearance area during the inspection process. Additionally, our X-ray inspections do not leave any residual radiation on the test components or the surrounding environment.
What Makes X-Ray an Effective NDT Method
ATS X-Ray Services Spans Multiple Industries
ATS and X-Ray Pipe Inspection
Applied Technical Services’ nondestructive testing department has extensive experience in working with pipe inspections that spans for decades. Our SNT-TC-1A, NAS-410, and CP-189 certified technicians understand the importance of periodic inspections in maintaining piping system reliability, safety, efficiency and profitability.
As part of our high standard for quality, we offer our clients accurate results, timely turnaround, detailed reporting, and helpful client support. Contact us today if you are searching for a reputable and experienced X-ray pipe inspection company. ATS – We take a closer look!

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