STI Tank Inspections

Applied Technical Services provides STI tank inspections to help aboveground storage tank (AST) owners comply with EPA and industry standards. We can complete tank inspections in compliance with STI SP001 as well as numerous other codes and standards, such as:
Trained and Certified Inspectors
From tank farms to piping systems, our consultants use their experience in an array of testing and inspection techniques to ensure our clients can budget for major repairs and plan future inspections and downtime. Our team of experts includes licensed professional engineers and certified API and STI inspectors. Our services include more than a simple inspection; we conduct condition assessments that provide asset owners a true understanding of their equipment’s health.
Routine Storage Tank Inspections

Regular STI tank inspection can prevent containment loss, protect personnel from potential hazards, and protect the environment by identifying problems early. Our industry experts use specialized equipment to identify mechanical damage, corrosion, and other potential flaws before they evolve into significant hazards. We can also develop repair plans that outline the scope of necessary equipment maintenance. We aim to maximize our inspection value and minimize unscheduled downtime through our practical condition assessments.

Our Mechanical Integrity Programs
ATS’ mechanical integrity group develops and assesses programs for the prevention of tank failures and accidental releases. Our programs monitor fixed asset conditions and use Recognized and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices (REGAGEP) to our clients’ greatest benefit. We assess tank construction, operation, and maintenance according to applicable standards. Our mechanical integrity programs also cover:
High-Quality ATS Services
Since 1967, Applied Technical Services has provided high-quality testing, inspection, and consulting engineering services, and we are constantly expanding our knowledge base to better serve our clients. We report clear, precise, accurate data for every industry we serve, including:
ATS maintains an excellent reputation in national and international industries due to our commitment to first-rate customer experience. Our quality assurance practices include quick response times with test results and data. Our customer service team connects clients with engaged, qualified experts who can help solve their specific problems.
If your company needs a reliable provider for STI tank inspections, contact ATS today for a closer look.

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