Technician conducting UT pipe testing

UT Pipe Testing

Applied Technical Services provides UT pipe testing services to help clients assess the condition of their piping. Ultrasonic testing (UT) is a nondestructive inspection method for detecting flaws in materials and components. UT uses high-frequency sound waves to collect information about a pipe or other component’s surface qualities, such as wall thickness or corrosion levels. ATS offers pipe testing in accordance with the following standards:
Ultrasonic testing provides valuable information about piping conditions without impacting the equipment’s integrity. ATS uses UT to help clients with all their piping system needs.
Piping System Experts

Our certified, licensed, and skillfully trained piping experts conduct thorough condition assessments for piping systems and related equipment. We can examine all aspects of system health, including equipment such as tanks, pressure vessels, and other associated components. Ultrasonic testing is a portable inspection method that generates highly reliable and repeatable results. We can use UT on large and irregularly shaped structures, parts, and components. The data that our licensed Professional Engineers and certified API inspectors collect helps proprietors to plan shutdowns, budget for any repairs, and schedule their future inspections. ATS is a third-party tank and pipe consulting company with the necessary experience and equipment to handle every client’s fixed equipment needs.

Routine Piping Inspections
Consistent inspections help to prevent major failures in piping systems, protecting personnel and the proximate environment. Infrequent inspections can allow significant flaws to develop in piping systems, such as corrosion, cracking, erosion, fractures, delamination, and other defects. Corrosion is a primary source of failure in fixed equipment, and its associated risks increase over time.
ATS offers routine piping inspection programs to combat system failure. Our experts identify potential issues such as damaged mechanisms and corrosion early, keeping fixed equipment in proper working order. We assess every aspect of asset health, from pipe weld quality to standard compliance. Our experienced engineers calculate comprehensive repair plans for repair contractors, giving them a scope of necessary work before they conduct repairs. Applied Technical Services boosts our inspection value through our practical condition assessments, helping clients to minimize scheduled and unscheduled downtime and prioritize their assets’ needs.
Inspection Programs
ATS can provide more than a simple UT inspection. Our mechanical integrity programs offer process safety management (PSM) and fixed equipment condition monitoring. Whether you need UT pipe testing or MFL inspections, Applied Technical Services can develop or assess a program for each client’s specific equipment. Our mechanical integrity programs cover the following details:
ATS’ mechanical integrity services apply to pipes, pressure vessels, tanks, and other related equipment. We can identify and assess a wide array of issues, such as corrosion, flow-accelerated corrosion, corrosion under insulation, fatigue, erosion, cracking, and manufacturing flaws, among others.
Ultrasonic pipe testing enables us to provide clients with detailed documentation and cost-effective inspections. Our experts can inspect a wide variety of equipment, including high-energy piping, or power piping, equipment. We also offer in-service inspections to keep essential equipment functioning properly without disruptions. Our experts use several testing methods that don’t impact system integrity, including radiographic testing, ROV inspections, magnetic particle testing, penetrant testing, and bubble leak testing. Contact us today to determine which of our services best suit your needs.
Excellent Pipe Testing Services
Applied Technical Services’ certified personnel provide the best possible ultrasonic pipe testing services. We have dedicated more than fifty years to expanding our capabilities and knowledge base while maintaining excellence in customer satisfaction. Our mechanical integrity services help clients from numerous industries, such as:
At ATS, safety is our priority, alongside detailed and accurate reporting. We keep clients informed about inspection processes and updated on their equipment’s health. We offer rapid turnarounds and can answer all our clients’ questions regarding testing and data.
If you need UT pipe testing services, contact ATS today for a free quote. We take a closer look.

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