NFPA 25 Inspection Requirements

ATS' Radiography Truck Standing By at a Client Site to Develop Radiographic Film

ATS offers quality services that will assist you in meeting the NFPA 25 Tank Inspection Requirements.  Our qualified staff members have in-depth experience in performing tests and inspections that are outlined in this specific regulation, and can help you satisfy stringent industry standards.

Frequency Guidelines for Tank Evaluations:
  • Interior Tank — Per — tanks inspected every 5 years
  • Interior Steel Tank w/o Corrosion Protection — Per — tanks inspected every 3 years
  • Exterior Tank — Per — quarterly inspections
ATS Visual Inspection Options:

If your interior visual tank inspection shows signs of pitting, corrosion or coating failures you will need to reference 9.2.6, which states additional testing is required.

Examples of Additional Testing Outlined in 9.2.6:
Tank Components

Internal and external tank components can present vulnerabilities subject to failures and discontinuities. To ensure reliability, our inspectors will run tests on components that need to be operationally sound. Collection of such instruments is what makes it possible to maintain proper water levels and temperatures. Our detailed reports will reflect all observations and findings, besides ones that exhibit fatigue, corrosion, or physical damage.

Various Internal Components Inspected:
  • Piping
  • Valves
  • Drains
  • Fittings
  • Hangers, Braces, and Supports
Various External Components Inspected:
  • Support Structures
  • Vents
  • Foundation
  • Catwalks
  • Ladders
  • Exterior Surface
  • Paint, Insulation, etc.
Compliance Programs

It is important for facilities to have policies and procedures in place that ensure organizations meet required regulations. ATS has assisted many companies in establishing programs that provide the minimum guidelines for testing, inspections, and maintenance. Having organization, instruction, and proper documentation allows your company to set and maintain safety and quality assurance expectations. In addition to providing a safer environment, your company will be able to provide accurate records conveniently for third party audits.

Examples of On-Going Compliance Programs:
  • NFPA 25 Compliance Proram
Additional Services and Applicable Standards:
  • Consulting Engineering — Industrial Services, Safety, Commercial, Structural, and More
  • Nondestructive Testing — Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, Eddy Current, Ultrasonic, Ultrasonic Thickness, Traditional Radiography, Computed Digital Radiography, and More
  • API 653, 510, 570, and 12P Evaluations
  • AWWA D100 Evaluations
  • ASTM D4097 and D3299 Evaluations
  • UL–142 Evaluations
  • Rope Access Services

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