Pipe Integrity Inspections

Applied Technical Services performs pipe integrity inspections in compliance with several applicable standards and codes, including:
Our Qualified Personnel
Industries that rely on piping systems need periodic pipeline inspections to get an accurate picture of their equipment’s health. At ATS, we have the equipment and expertise to handle all our clients’ pipeline inspection requests. Our licensed professional engineers and certified API inspectors conduct condition assessments that give clients the information they need to plan shutdowns and allocate resources for necessary maintenance. Our experienced personnel can help clients plan their inspection schedules to maximize the benefits while remaining convenient for proprietors.
Routine Pipe Inspections
Metal loss from corrosion, cracking, and poor joints are among the most common piping issues. These problems can lead to costly leaks or environmental disasters if left unaddressed. ATS offers routine pipe inspections to keep pipelines and related components running properly. We examine several types of piping, including process, distribution, and power piping. Our experts check these pipes for cracking, manufacturing flaws, weld quality, and internal and external corrosion. ATS can identify these issues early before they cause major failures, thus minimizing safety risks, saving on expensive repairs, and extending the pipeline’s life.
Evaluating Mechanical Integrity
Applied Technical Services performs pipe inspections as one component of our mechanical integrity programs. Our engineering team develops mechanical integrity programs to suit each client’s specific needs. We can evaluate equipment such as pipes, storage tanks, and pressure vessels for numerous issues, including:
We evaluate all systems according to applicable codes and standards, so clients know whether their equipment meets compliance requirements. ATS uses several forms of nondestructive testing and inspection to evaluate system health without compromising the equipment’s integrity. These methods include:
Commitment to Quality Services
Applied Technical Services works to continuously improve our testing and inspection services. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to add to our expanding list of capabilities. ATS takes pride in offering an excellent client experience, so we implement several customer service policies. Our experts report clear, accurate data as quickly as possible, allowing clients to make quick, informed decisions. Our customer service team connects clients with relevant experts who remain available to help with any inquiries.
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