Power Piping Inspections

Applied Technical Services offers solutions for steam pipe inspections (a.k.a. high energy or power piping inspections). Our engineering and NDT experts can help you ensure safe and reliable operation of your high energy piping systems in accordance with:
High Energy Piping
Steam piping systems are high energy piping systems that are usually found in power and industrial facilities, carrying superheated steam at high pressures. High-pressure piping is susceptible to fatigue, high-temperature creep, flow accelerated corrosion, and thermal shock, among other problems. Coupled with the intense forces that these systems operate under, minor issues could potentially lead to catastrophic failure. In 2007, the American Society of Engineers (ASME) revised B31.1 Power Piping Design and inspection code for high-pressure piping systems to improve personnel safety. This revision provides guidelines to the development and implementation of a Program to help manage steam pipes in a safe, reliable manner. Our periodic inspections can determine if there are defects that may need repair and/or monitoring. Early flaw detection is key to effective management of high-pressure piping systems – increasing reliability, safety, profitability, and efficiency.
Our Licensed and Certified Personnel
ATS understands that our clients want more than a simple inspection of their equipment; rather, they need a full Condition Assessment that allows the proprietor to schedule future shutdowns and inspections, and budget major repairs. As 3rd party steam pipe consultants, ATS conducts condition assessments and inspections utilizing certified and licensed experts. ATS employs trained personnel who hold API certifications for pipe inspection, as well as licensed Professional Engineers.
Field Evaluation Methods
Maintaining routine steam pipe inspections reduces the likelihood of containment loss and keeps the environment and personnel safe from catastrophic disasters. ATS can identify potential problems and damaged mechanisms before they create major hazards. Our engineering team at ATS develops calculations and repair plans so your repair contractor receives a detailed scope of the needed work before performing any repairs. ATS understands that our clients need to minimize downtime, so we maximize the value of our inspections and provide Practical Condition Assessments. Our field evaluation methods include:
Steam Pipe Management Program
Steam pipe management programs are integral to fixed asset condition monitoring and process safety management (PSM). Our engineering team at ATS can assess or develop a steam pipe management program that incorporates:
Quality Service from ATS
ATS works to continually improve our clients’ experience. Our customer service team always connects clients with the most relevant expert who can help solve their inquiries. Our experts deliver clear, accurate, and detailed results in a timely manner, allowing clients to make informed and quick decisions.
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