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High-Pressure Piping Solutions with ATS

Applied Technical Services offers high-pressure piping solutions, including a detailed management program. Our NDT experts inspect these systems to verify that they can continue to operate safely and reliably.

High-Pressure Piping
High-energy piping are piping systems typically found in industrial plants that carry superheated steam under high pressure. High-pressure piping can be susceptible to high-temperature creep, fatigue, thermal shock, flow accelerated corrosion, and other problems. When coupled with the intense forces that these systems operate under, minor issues could potentially lead to catastrophic failure.
To improve personnel safety, the American Society of Engineers (ASME) issued a revision to the B31.1 Power Piping design and inspection code for high-pressure piping systems in 2007. This revision provided guidelines to the development and implementation of a Program to help manage these systems in a Safe and reliable manner.
Having a company such as ATS perform periodic inspections can help verify what parts of the system have defects or may need attention in the future. Early flaw detection is key to effective management of high-pressure piping systems – increasing safety, reliability, efficiency, and profitability.
Field Evaluation Methods
Our Management Program

Develop/Review a Corporate Level Program Document

We align goals, roles, and responsibilities for the project according to current industry best practices.

Develop Risk-Based Prioritized Inspection Locations

To help us prioritize, we review existing data, walk through the site, and conduct interviews with plant personnel to create a list of inspection locations.

Field Evaluation

Our technicians perform nondestructive examinations on the critical welds. If necessary, we conduct a preliminary analysis of the data and recommend additional testing or corrective action. We prepare a formal report which includes recommended re-inspection intervals and updated risk rankings.

Pipe Stress Analysis

Depending on the results of the initial data review, our experts may recommend a current stress analysis to assess the stress level at a specific weld that poses the highest risk. We can use these results to recommend hanger adjustments and update risk rankings.

Flaw Evaluation

Our experts further analyze significant defects noted during field evaluation.

Life Assessment

We use a life fraction method to perform the remaining life assessment. Additionally, we define re-inspection intervals.

Develop a Repair Program

In cases where repairs are necessary, ATS will develop a detailed repair program that includes step-by-step technical specifications on how to execute repairs.
ATS – Your Provider for High-Pressure Piping Solutions
Applied Technical Services has years of experience in the nondestructive testing industry. Our highly trained and certified NDT experts inspect high-pressure piping systems to help our clients maintain safe and reliable operation. In maintaining our high standard for quality, we make sure to deliver accurate results, quick turnaround times, and helpful client support.
If you are in need of a thorough high-pressure piping inspection, contact us today. ATS – We take a closer look!

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