Technician in a tank completing an MFL inspection on a tank floor

MFL Tank Floor Inspection

Applied Technical Services performs MFL tank floor inspection services, also known as magnetic flux leakage inspections. MFL technology can evaluate ferromagnetic structures and materials for flaws. We conduct magnetic flux leakage inspections according to these standards:
MFL inspections are a rapid and cost-efficient resource for tank floor assessments. This method temporarily magnetizes the tank floor, generating a magnetic field. Disruptions in the magnetic field indicate flaws in the structure. MFL data is repeatable and highly accurate, making magnetic flux leakage a reliable inspection option.
Magnetic Flux Leakage Experts

Applied Technical Services employs licensed, certified, and expertly trained MFL inspectors who provide more than simple inspections; our experienced staff can perform true condition assessments for your equipment. Our MFL assessments allow us to offer tank inspections that don’t damage or otherwise impact the integrity of your fixed assets. Our API-certified inspectors and licensed professional engineers collect data that can help proprietors schedule future shutdowns, budget for needed repairs, and plan subsequent inspections. ATS is a third-party tank consulting company with the capabilities to handle all your fixed equipment needs.

Inspection Schedules
Adhering to an inspection program lowers the risk of containment loss due to equipment failure, providing a safer environment for the nearby area. Leaving too much time between inspections can jeopardize equipment health and allow flaws such as corrosion or cracking to develop. Applied Technical Services’ inspection program services help equipment owners keep their assets running optimally. Magnetic flux leakage evaluations allow us to identify pitting, grooving, corrosion, and material loss early before they evolve into major hazards. Our experts assess the health of your fixed equipment and calculate repair plans detailing the repair work necessary for maintaining proper operating conditions. We utilize practical condition assessments to help proprietors prioritize their fixed assets’ needs, minimize unscheduled downtime, and better understand their equipment.
Our Mechanical Integrity Programs
Applied Technical Services offers comprehensive mechanical integrity programs to assist clients with process safety management (PSM) and monitoring equipment conditions for tanks, pipes, pressure vessels, and other related equipment. Whether you need MFL inspections or power piping services, ATS can develop or assess a program tailored to your needs. Our programs generally cover the following:
We examine equipment for any flaw, such as cracking, corrosion under insulation, internal and external corrosion, flow-accelerated corrosion, fatigue, manufacturing flaws, and erosion. Our MFL inspections are especially beneficial to our clients in the petrochemical and chemical industries, where containment loss can result in major disasters.
We offer several nondestructive inspection methods in addition to MFL, including ROV inspections, ultrasonic thickness testing, magnetic particle testing, bubble leak testing, penetrant testing, and radiographic testing. Our experienced staff can help determine which services are the most efficient and cost-effective for your particular needs.
Reliable Inspection Services
Applied Technical Services provides reliable mechanical integrity inspection services, having served numerous industries for over 50 years. We offer detailed, accurate, and prompt results and our experts can answer all questions about testing or data.
If you need MFL tank floor inspection services, contact ATS today.

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