EMI Testing Lab

EMI Testing Lab

What is an EMI Testing Lab?

EMI, or electromagnetic interference, is the emission of a signal and/or noise from a subject that causes interference with other vehicles, equipment, or machinery. The amount of interference must fall within parameters specified by industry standards to comply with relevant EMI regulations. An EMI testing lab will conduct a series of tests, as determined by which industry produced the test subject.
The EMI Testing Lab at ATS
Our state-of-the-art testing facility is capable of performing a wide range of electromagnetic interference testing. Parts suppliers working alongside industries with lofty quality requirements must seek out fully certified EMI testing labs such as ATS to sufficiently validate their products in the eyes of discerning clientele. An unaccredited EMI lab cannot reasonably assure the validity of their test results.
Applied Technical Services
ATS is an advanced EMI testing lab that provides accurate, reliable results. Applied Technical Services’ team of highly trained, skilled professionals apply decades of experience to each inspection, making ATS the premier EMI lab in the region.
ATS EMI Testing Services
Applied Technical Services offers an extensive list of electromagnetic interference and compatibility testing procedures, including:
The Future of the ATS EMI Testing Lab
Applied Technical Services has a rapidly evolving list of testing capabilities. ATS will be expanding our available EMI testing lab services in 2022 with the implementation of new machinery and technologies, including DO-160 Section 20 radiated, MIL-STD-461 RS101, and MIL-STD-461 RS103 (up to 18GHz and 200V/m). The Applied Technical Services EMI lab is at the forefront of EMI and EMC testing, standing as a leading contender on the global stage.

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