ESD sparks over RF electronics components

ESD Contact Discharge Testing

Applied Technical Services conducts ESD contact discharge testing to verify compliance with industry standards and ensure equipment and personnel safety.
Electrostatic Discharge
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is caused by two differently charged objects coming into contact with each other. The different charges cause an exchange of electrons, leading to an expansion of electromagnetic fields and, ultimately, electrostatic discharge. Contact electrostatic discharge is caused by a person making physical contact with an electronic component and can result in the transfer of thousands of volts of static electricity. This discharge of static is capable of damaging electronic components and can lead to device malfunction or failure. Aircraft must undergo ESD contact discharge testing to maintain compliance with the standards set by the FAA and RTCA.
ESD Contact Discharge Testing and EMI/EMC
Electrostatic contact discharge testing is required to verify electromagnetic compatibility standards such as RTCA-DO-160. Established by the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics, RTCA-DO-160 sets the parameters for several aspects of EMI and EMC testing. Applied Technical Services performs electromagnetic interference and compatibility testing in accordance with MIL-STD-461 CS118 and RTCA-DO-160 sections:
Why Applied Technical Services?
Applied Technical Services is proud to offer comprehensive EMI and EMC testing in our new state-of-the-art electrical testing facility. Founded in 1967, ATS has the experience and resources to ensure high quality testing services spanning several industries and disciplines. We are proud to be the preferred industrial testing provider of some of the world’s most prestigious aerospace, automotive, and military corporations. ATS is at the forefront of innovative technologies and employs the industry’s premier ESD contact discharge testing experts. Applied Technical Services is ISO 17025 accredited by the A2LA and ISO 9001 certified. Trust the professionals with over five decades of experience and contact us today to schedule your next EMI/EMC testing services.

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